What is jqs.exe?

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What is jqs.exe?
What is jqs.exe? This is often seen by most PC users as they open the task manager. If you will open the Task Manager (Ctrl+Alt+Del) , you will notice that jqs.exe is running in the background. However, you will also observe that it is running in low priority. This exe file could have been installed by the user or it can also be included as pre-installed software at the time the computer was purchased. The file is usually located at C:\Program Files\Java\jre6\bin\jqs.exe. Make sure it is in its right location or it may be a spyware or adware disguising as a jqs.exe file. So what is this jqs.exe doing in your system?

When a program is running it also consumes part of your system’s memory. When this jqs.exe runs it uses at about 1.5Mb of computer memory and 2Mb of the virtual memory. In addition, it also sets off I/O processes repeatedly at frequent intervals. The memory consumed may not be that huge, but every bit of available memory is important for the computer system to run at its best. Moreover, decreasing I/O processes may also help boosting your computer’s performance.

Most experienced computer users will easily detect or presume that jqs.exe is the Java Quick Starter. This Java Quick Starter is specifically designed to enhance the startup time of Java applet applications. It is made possible by pre-fetching the JRE or the Java Runtime Environment files repeatedly into memory.

It sounds good, however, the advantage is merely intended for those users who are frequently using or working with Java on a daily basis. On the average PC users, who are not much using the Java applications, it is better to just turn the jqs.exe off. So what good it will do to your PC when you disable this exe file? The answer is it will give a slight increase on your computer performance. Since, it will free up a number of computer memory and a few I/O processes on your computer system.

If you let jqs.exe run in your system background, it will continue to run the process all the time. This will make your computer download java applet for an update. If you will think about getting one Java applet each month or each week, do you think it would present something extra for you as an average user? What sense would it make in running the process all the time? Is it really necessary to sacrifice your computer’s performance just to make a Java applet run faster?

Truly, the best thing to do is that you disable the jsq.exe if you are not a heavy Java application user. The decision will be on your hands. However, if you have already decided to just kill the process, then you just need to follow the simple steps below.

  • Open the Windows Control Panel and search for the Java entry.
  • Search for the Advanced tab, click it and find the Miscellaneous entry box.
  • Uncheck the Java Quick Starter entry and you are done.
  • You have just disabled the jqs.exe.

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