What is JPEG file interchange format?

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JPEG files refer to image files created by the Joint Photographic Experts Group. These files are often used and interchanged across different computers using different programs or applications and across different platforms. With the wide variety of features of JPEG image files, some inconsistencies may develop in terms of format interchange. With this concern, the interchange format for JPEG files was created and this is called JFIF. Through JFIF, bit streams of different JPEG files may be exchanged between different platforms or applications under a simple standard.

Through JFIF or the JPEG File Interchange Format, JPEG-compressed files may be exchanged between users of Windows OS, Mac OS, and even Unix platforms. Across these different operating systems, users can send out or receive JPEG bit stream seamlessly and more efficiently. The format also features standardization in terms of color space and markers for image details such as pixel density, JFIF extensions, and thumbnails among others. Standard JPEG format contains no definition in terms of color encoding but with JFIF, the required color model will be defined.

The JPEG File Interchange Format also provides a simple standard in terms of image resolution and its corresponding aspect ratio. Through its application segment feature, JPEG files can easily be recognized under the JIFF standard. Another great feature of the JPEG File Interchange Format is that it allows image files to be stored in different resolutions with corresponding standard in the array arrangement. The JFIF standard specifies the interstitial alignment of JPEG images which makes the format convenient and easy to use and manage across different applications and platforms. With the increasing popularity of different platforms and operating systems other than Windows for example, the JPEG File Interchange Format basically made it convenient for users to manage and exchange their JPEG-image files between different terminals or computers regardless of platform or program used.

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