What is Jove space?

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‘Jove space’ refers to an isolated kingdom or empire in the galaxy according to the back-story of EVE, a popular, online video game. EVE is developed by CCP games, and this particular game has become very popular because it allows multiple players from across the planet to play the game simultaneously.  With the online version released back in 2003, EVE’s plot relies on the battle for resources in the galaxy by several empires. The game’s premise involved the Earth’s resources as being depleted, so various groups of people have resorted to exploring outer space and fighting each other over goods, supplies, and or resources.  With this premise, different groups or factions have claimed designated areas in the galaxy, and one of these spaces is claimed by Jove Directorate. This space is then called Jove space or the Jove Empire.

Jove space is restricted and isolated from most people in the EVE galaxy, and this explains the mysterious characteristics of the place itself and its people called the Jovians.  This particular area is said to be off-limits and unplayable which makes it some kind of a dead zone in the EVE game.  Some gamers also consider Jove space as irrelevant until such time that it can actually be accessed by the other factions.

People still are fascinated by Jovians and Jove space as a whole.  Based on the game’s side stories, Jovian people are said to be superior to the other tribes and races.  Jove space is also considered to have the most advanced technology making it very mysterious and very powerful.  Gamers have expected that at some point in the future, Jove space will be opened, and their people will join the battle for supremacy in the EVE galaxy. The only major concern for Jovians is that many of them are also said to have been afflicted with some kind of a brain disease that is fatal to their whole race.  All of these side scenarios make Jove space still relevant despite its isolation from the main game in the galaxy of EVE, the online gaming portal.

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