What is JLS?

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What is JLS?
JLS stands for Jack the Lad Swing, a British boyband composed of 4 members namely Oritse Williams, Aston Merrygold, Marvin Humes, and Jonathan “JB” Gill. Originally calling themselves “UFO” or “Unique Famous Outrageous”, JLS is rocking the UK pop charts today.

The group “UFO” was formed back in 2007. Each of the four members had their own life and story before eventually forming a singing group. Ortise Williams was already hitting talent shows at age 14 and hardwork paid off for him as he landed an internship at Deal Real Records. Ortise then met Malcolm Connel, who became his vocal coach and gave the suggestion of forming a singing group. Marvin Humes meanwhile used to be part of another group called “VS”, which was formed by Simone Webbe. ‘VS’ landed a record deal at the time and was able to go on tour with another boy group – BLUE. But ‘VS’ somehow lost their record deal and Marvin was left to contemplate on what he’s going to do next. He was contacted by Ortise at the time and immediately jumped into the opportunity of forming a boyband. Aston Merrygold had experience as a presenter for the TV show “Fun Song Factory”. But he later moved to London to take a chance on his singing career. He then met Marvin in one of his auditions for a TV commercial. JB, the last member, came in contact with the group while auditioning for XFactor in 2007. The UFO Group was then completed and went on to have little success.

JLS as a group auditioned for the XFactor in 2008. The show had concerns with their previous name UFO and so was later changed to “Jack the Lad Swing”. JLS eventually became runners-up to Alexandra Burke at the show’s finale. But that didn’t stop them from landing record deals in the UK and in the US. Mentored by Louis Walsh, the man behind Boyzone and Westlife, JLS has become the biggest boyband in the UK today.

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