What is JLGB?

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What is JLGB?

JLGB stands for Jewish Lads’ and Girls’ Brigade, an organization that was formed to help young Jewish people get settled in the UK. The JLGB is considered the oldest youth organization for Jewish people in the UK. The JLGB started out as an all-male organization back in 1895. The original name was JLB or Jewish Lads’ Brigade.  It was only in 1963 when a group for girls was created and this was aptly named as the Jewish Girl’s brigade.  Both organizations were formed to help Jewish immigrants to the UK have something to do or help with their chances of leading independent and productive lives.  Aside from basic social involvement activities, poor Jewish children were taught with personal development programs and skills which they may use to find a job.  The activities offered by the brigade also help the young Jewish girls and boys in terms of their transition from young children to adults.  By 1974, the boys and girls group were merged to become the JLGB.

A major part of the JLGB is to expose young Jewish children with community service and volunteerism.  This is to ensure that these children will also try to help others in need by the time that they become adults or when they have settled comfortably in the UK.  Emphasis is put on giving one’s helping hand to fellow Jewish people especially those who are poor and do not have much opportunity for work in the UK.  The young people who become part of the JLGB may also be part of various camping and other social activities to help them develop skills which they may need later in life.  Some are also taught with playing musical instruments while others may enjoy learning to make crafts.  There are also activities to help young Jewish people hone their skills in sports, music, and drama.  These young people may also enjoy joining different tours and activities which are held in various places.  All these activities are basically geared towards helping and equipping the young Jewish children with the experience and skills they may need in their adult lives.

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