What is JIRA?

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What is JIRA?
JIRA is an issue tracking product developed in 2004 by software company Atlassian, which is based in Australia. JIRA is a proprietary software product and so this means that users of are bound with restrictions to modify or distribute the software without permission from the company, which is the copyright holder of this particular product. The name “JIRA” is actually short for “Gojira”, a Japanese term meaning “Godzilla”.

JIRA is commonly used to track bugs of a particular application and to track issues relating to software use. Others also use this product for project management purposes. With JIRA, users and administrators will be able to assign, prioritize, and/or analyze issues that are brought about by certain bugs in the application software. If a particular issue is encountered, JIRA will help in handling this particular issue and audit the same to help administrators fix the problem. Users can even customize JIRA depending on their business setup and business processes. With JIRA running, issues on certain processes will easily be tracked and analyzed allowing for users to work on other important things. This means that employee productivity will be improved and increased as they will be able to perform other vital tasks in the organization. JIRA also takes care of documenting issues and all related details to it to help companies address problems in any segment of the business process.

And since JIRA has the capability to track bugs, issues, concerns and even analyze it, this product is also a helpful tool in terms of the company’s customer support or helpdesk system. The company’s customers will benefit from the JIRA system as it will help expedite the delivery of support by its systematic tracking of bugs and issues on a particular business process or system. And with JIRA’s multiple features and capabilities, organizations may also use it for project management tasks.

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