What is Jigsawing?

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What is Jigsawing?
Jigsawing is using a jigsaw power tool to cut wood, metal, vinyl, or other materials. The jigsaw, unlike many other power saws, can cut curves and shapes or nearly any type’”even from the center of the material. While the depth of cut is generally only up to 2 inches deep for wood, and ½ inch for metal, it does jobs that would otherwise seem impossible.

The powered jigsaw was invented by Albert Kaufmann in 1964 Kaufmann was an engineer in Switzerland. He invested it by replacing the needle with a blade on his wife’s sewing machine.

A jigsaw may also be called a scroll saw, or a bayonet saw. A scroll saw is a jigsaw with a knob on the top to aid in turning. However, all jigsaws are handheld saws that are usually engine powered. Maintaining control with these saws can be difficult, and it may be best to stencil or draw out you intended cut. Also, the blades are thin, so they need to be kept sharp.

Options for jigsaws include corded, cordless, orbital action, and variable speed. Corded jigsaws tend to be more powerful than cordless. An orbital action jigsaw is one that can angle the blade slightly forward on the up movement, rather than just straight up and down. This forward movement can make your blades last longer. A variable speed jigsaw is one that can be set at different levels of speed.

Jigsawing makes jobs that would otherwise be difficult or impossible, easier. It allows someone to cut circles into the middle of a material. It also handles delicate jobs like making wooden letters or miniature furniture. It will handle practical jobs such as cutting a small pipe. It is important to make sure that the blades match up with both the job and the material to be cut.

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