What is Jello made of?

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What is Jello made of?
“Jello” is actually a brand of gelatin-based desserts manufactured by Kraft Foods. The actual brand name is spelled “Jell-O” and is used for products like gelatin sweets, fruity gelatin gels, cream pies, and puddings. But due to the brand’s popularity with the gelatin-based sweets and desserts, “Jell-O” has become the generic “jello” referring to the gelatin.

Kids from across the globe enjoy eating jello because of its taste and texture. Children also love that it’s available in a wide variety of colors. Much of jellos can be found either in ready-to-eat gelatin form or in powder form. Basic jello is composed of the main ingredient gelatin, water, sugar, and food coloring. Jellos available in powdered form are also very easy to prepare and even children can do it themselves. The gelatin powder is basically mixed with water and then sugar will be added for extra sweetening. The mixture will then be refrigerated for it to set. Once set, one can enjoy munching on these soft and sweet desserts. For those who want to spice up the generic jello, he/she may add some fruits into the mixture for some crunch and unique taste.

Although jello is considered by many as very high in carbohydrates because of its sugar content, its main ingredient, gelatin, actually has protein from animal sources. Unknown to many, the process of making gelatin involves the skin, bones, and connective tissues of cows and pigs. These parts or items undergo a washing process using a solution with hydrochloric acid. After which, boiling and heating will take place with the resulting fluid being separated and dried to become the gelatin powders. This powder will then be mixed with color and/or flavoring to become the jellos that we see in grocery stores. Jellos or Jell-O’s today come in a variety of fruity flavors including Cherry, Grape, Lemon, Peach, and Watermelon among others.

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