What is Jehovah Witness?

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Jehovah Witness

Jehovah Witness is a denomination that has varied beliefs different from the normal Christianity. They are popular for their rigorous evangelism and distinct Biblical translations. Members of Jehovah Witness hold that Jesus Christ was perfect as a man and He, as a person, is different from God the Father. They also hold that prior to His life on earth, Jesus existed as a spirit as the archangel Michael who was made by God and only became Messiah upon baptism. Though Jehovah Witnesses hold that Jesus is mighty, they hold that He is not as mighty as Jehovah God. According to their Bible, He, Jesus, is ‘a god’, not ‘God’. Their teachings portray that Jesus will always be below Jesus and that He and God are not equal.

History of Jehovah Witness

The Jehovah Witness denomination was started by Charles Taze Russell in 1872 in Pennsylvania. Though raised in a family of Protestants, Russell studied the Bible on his own and later denied that hell exists as well as denied the divinity of Christ as well as the Trinity doctrine. He started a journal called the Watchtower in 1897 and traveled widely in Europe and the US drawing followers who were initially known as Millennial Dawnists and Russellites, then International Bible Students and ultimately, Jehovah Witnesses. Russell faced various scandals as he went about his missionary work. These included fraud accusations where he was accused of selling the highly priced ‘miracle wheat’ and separation with his wife after being married for 18 years. Upon his death, Joseph Franklin Rutherford, a Missouri Judge succeeded him as president and incorporated the society officially as Jehovah’s Witnesses in 1931. Rutherford grew Russell’s concepts into an official doctrinal system and changed the congregational structure into an unbending theocracy. He established the foundation of the society as it is known today.

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