What is JDK?

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What is JDK?
Over the years computing has seen a number of major milestones that have completely changed the way things were done in the past. The launch of Java was one of these major milestones that have revolutionized the way computers and the internet work. There are a number of reasons why it is held in such high regard. First, Java is one of the most widely used programming languages in the development of applications for business and entertainment that can run on almost all computers as well as a wide range of other devices. It is also one of the most user friendly applications and requires very little training even with those who have no prior experience. To come up with these applications requires specific tools. These tools used in the development of Java applications are known as JDK or Java Development Kit.

The popularity of Java applications has been greatly driven by the fact that JDK used to develop these applications is freely downloadable. This means that anyone looking to design a Java application will not have to pay for the use of the tools needed to get their project done. There are of course many other advantages such as the ease of working with Java and its security features that have also contributed to its popularity. JDK is primarily used in the development and running of Java applications. To manage these functions requires a number of components that include JDB which is used in debugging of Java applications, JRE or Java Runtime Environment which is used in the running of Java applications as well as other components used in testing, archiving and various other functions.

JDK is what gives the Java programming language its unique features of portability, security, simplicity, high performance, dynamism among others. With such features, it is no wonder as to why most developers opt to use Java when designing applications. There have been significant developments of Java, all of which originate from improvements and advances made with JDK. Java Development Kits are in four main categories. There is the standard JDK, enterprise, internet bundle and messaging. The basic frame work for Java applications is built using the standard JDK with the other bundles being used in the development of applications for specific use.

At this point your may be wondering where to find information or lessons on how to work with these tools. Java does not require much schooling or training and budding developers looking to learn how to use JDK can access various tutorials via the internet. Through these tutorials, developers will learn how to design applications for various purposes using the tools available. It is important to make sure that the tutorials used are for the correct version of JDK as there may be some differences in the workings of each version. It is possible to achieve very high competency levels by use of these tutorials as well as practice of what they teach. Download JDK today and get started on your first Java application.

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