What is JDF?

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What is JDF?
JDF stands for Job Definition Format and it is graphic arts industry standard created to allow easy exchange of information between varying graphic systems and applications. This standard also integrates various applications on the planning and commercial side into the tech workflow. JDF is one of many industry standards based on XML or eXtensible Markup Language, which allows for efficiency and interoperability between varying systems and platforms, including communications with systems that are based on the internet.

With JDF as the standard, the entire process and steps in a particular action to print a material can be identified. The intent to print can be given a description along with the identification of the steps that needs to be done in order to perform the particular printing task. This results to faster processing of the task with ease of use and reduce production costs.

But identifying details and step processes of a particular printing job is only one feature of JDF. Another prominent feature of this standard is its ability to provide a link or communication line between the production side and the management information services side. Because of this interaction, job and task tracking is easier. JDF also allows an interaction link between the processes involved in manufacturing and various points of view from customers. With these various capabilities, JDF can streamline task performance especially in print production tasks.

Typical JDF job tickets or tasks include details of the file from the creation stage up to the production stage. Along the entire process, JDF makes sure that the task is being handled properly and that errors are eliminated immediately. Other information may be added to a particular JDF job ticket at different stages during task production. This information may include documentations on alterations, client contact data, color profiles, notification instructions, and job completion date or time among others.

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