What is JCB?

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What is JCB?
JCB or Japan Credit Bureau is a credit card company that originated in Tokyo, Japan in the year 1961. Commonly called as “JCB” internationally, JCB Co., Ltd. was the dominant credit card in the Japan by 1968, the year they purchased Osaka Credit Bureau. By 1981, it started to make its presence in the international credit card market.

The big economy of the US attracted JCB to enter into the card merchant business overseas in 1981. By 1988, JCB International Credit Card Company, Ltd. was born in the city of Los Angeles. The year after, it was able to form a partnership with Bank of America. In 1993, the consumer credit card business was launched in the US. Today, JCB card members total 59 million and the card is accepted in about 190 countries around the globe. Annual card member purchase of goods and services is at US 62.7 billion dollars.

In the US, JCB is commonly accepted in the travel and hospitality industries. These industries include airline companies, hotels and inns, car rental service providers, travel and tour operators, and leisure companies. It is also accepted in major casinos and gambling areas. But JCB is increasing its presence too on basic commercial businesses like malls and stores, petrol stations, and many other specialty stores. But aside from the huge US market, JCB is also targeting travelers from Japan, China, and Korea. Most people from these countries often visit Europe, North America, and Asia, so JCB would like to have a slice of this big market.

Today, JCB holds two head offices, one in Tokyo and the other in Los Angeles, USA. It now has a merchant network of 12 million in 190 countries worldwide. There are also 31 JCB Plazas in key cities around the globe to cater to the servicing needs of JCB cardholders and members.


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