What is JAX-RPC?

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What is JAX-RPC?
JAX-RPC refers to Java API for XML-based RPC. It literally is an API intended for web-based services and clients using RPC or remote procedure calls which are based on XML. The system allows for Web service accessibility and interoperability through Java APIs which in turn allows for communication between different Java applications.

Through JAX-RPC, a particular client can communicate with another Web service of a different language and running on a separate platform. Similarly clients of other platforms are also able to interact with another Web service through the JAX-RPC service. This goes to show that JAX-RPC allow for implementation of various Web services on both the client and server side of the network. Using XML-based remote procedure calls, servers are able to handle tasks remotely and clients or users are able to communicate with servers by means of the standard APIs.

RPC or remote procedure calls are dependent on several complex networking protocols. But because of API standardization, many developers still find the JAX-RPC service very manageable. With standard APIs, different platforms and Java languages can communicate with each other with almost no restriction. Even Web services not running on a Java-based platform can be accessed by JAX-RPC clients because of standard APIs.

The JAX-RPC service starts with a method invoked by a particular Java program. This will then lead to the action of the JAX-RPC runtime system (RS). After which, the invoked method will be converted into a SOAP message, which will then be transmitted via HTTP. This particular process is advantageous in the sense that Web services may be initiated and implemented on the server side.

The JAX-RPC service utilizes W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) standards like WSDL or Web Service Description Language, HTTP or Hyper Text Transfer Protocol, and SOAP or Simple Object Access Protocol. This resulted in an API technology that is flexible and inter-operable between different languages and platforms.

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