What is Jakarta?

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What is Jakarta?
Jakarta is the seat of government and largest city of Indonesia, a country that is part of the South East Asian Region. It is situated in the island of Java with an area of almost 700 square kilometers. Its population is almost 10 million people making it Indonesia’s biggest and the world’s 10th largest city.

Jakarta used to be called Batavia and was also the capital city of the Dutch East Indies. It remained its status as state capital by the time Indonesia got its independence back in 1945. Because of its huge urban population, the city is also likened to New York City, which is nicknamed the “Big Apple”. And with this influence, some people also refer to Jakarta as the “Big Durian”, referring to the durian fruit, which is abundant in Indonesia and in other countries of the South East Asian Region.

Jakarta is divided into five administrative districts. Central Jakarta is the site for various hotels, office buildings, and Indonesia’s presidential palace. West Jakarta is the location of the city’s Chinatown district. South Jakarta meanwhile is where one can find high-end shopping stores and affluent residential sites. East Jakarta has mostly industrial parks and it is the site of the Halim perdanakusuma airport. The fifth district is North Jakarta which is famous for the “Beautiful Thousand Islands”.

Being Indonesia’s premiere city, Jakarta is also the center of the arts and culture of Indonesia. It also serves as Indonesia’s main gateway to the rest of the world with modern facilities for travel and transportation. Many tourists also flock to Jakarta making it the jump-off point to Indonesia’s world-famous beach resort in Bali. The city of Jakarta also offers tourists a variety of choices for food, fun, and shopping. Being a city with a rich history and culture, a visit to Jakarta is considered a great experience. Much of Jakarta’s population are Muslims, but there are also significant groups that belong to Christianity, Buddhism, and Hinduism.

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