What is Jager?

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Liquor produced in Germany, Jager is flavored liquor which is ranked among the most popular liquor in the world. It is used as a drink in many ways. Some people like to drink it as it is, but some people mix it with other drinks and enjoy it. It is advised to take jager in moderate amount as it is strong and before using it, its legal aspect must be confirmed first.


As far as its recipe is concerned, no one exactly knows it but experts are in opinion that it is prepared from 56 different types of herbs and other such ingredients. It contains 35% of alcohol, due to which it is also called 70 proof. Some people use it for after dinner purposes and some enjoy it with an ideal option of shots. Other than drinking purposes, Jager is also used in the preparation of many desserts, mixed with whipped cream and other different flavors. The natural flavor of the fruits can also be enhanced using small amount of this liquor. The main reason of its popularity all over the world is its quality and flavor. It is easily available in the countries where liquor is legal to use; people can find it easily on simple grocery stores as well. As mentioned earlier that it can be used directly for drinking purpose but some people don’t like it that way so they mix it with cocktail to enjoy a different flavor of it. If we look into its nutritional value, we find that Jager contains high calories and its one single shot contains more than 100 calories. The users of alcohol should keep in mind that excess of everything is bad and if alcohol is used in excess, it can also lead to serious disorder s including alcohol poisoning, sickness and dehydration.

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