What is Jacuzzi?

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What is Jacuzzi?
Jacuzzi, while generally used as a generic term for hydrojet bath tubs, is actually a brand name. Jacuzzi is the pioneer in the self contained jet action hot tub industry, and it has also managed to remain a market leader in the hydro-jet bathtub industry.

There is some dispute as to who actually invented the first Jacuzzi tub among two brothers, Roy Jacuzzi and Candido Jacuzzi, who belonged to a clan of Italian immigrant inventors who initially specialized in aviation hardware. However, many documents claim that it was Candido who was inspired to invent a submersible bathtub pump for his son Kenneth who was at the time suffering from rheumatoid arthritis at the age of 15 months. His son had been undergoing hydrotherapy treatments at the hospital however Candido supposedly could not bear seeing his son suffering during the time in between therapy sessions and thus the portable bathtub pump was invented.

The first commercially manufactured pump J-300 was released in 1955. Originally marketed to appeal to housewives wishing to relax at home, it gained publicity when a-list show business personalities like Jayne Mansfield and medical practitioners endorsed it. Regular folks sang praises for its relaxing properties, the medical field lauded it for its practical therapeutic use.

Today, the Jacuzzi brand still specializes on hydro-jet whirlpool tubs however they also carry many other bathroom fixtures such as baths, showers, bathroom sinks, toilets as well as accessories.

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  1. Rod Kidman

    March 6, 2011 11:48 pm

    Jacuzzi has been such a leader in the hot water industry that it has become a generic term used by shoppers to search for any “hot water” product using jets.
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