What is Jacquard Fabric – Important Info to Weave in Your Mind

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Jacquard Fabric ‘“ Important Info to Weave in Your Mind
Jacquard fabric is one of the oldest and most sophisticated types of textile materials. There is a wide array of this type of sophisticated and classy fabric that showcases elegance. It has patterns with intricately woven raised designs. The difference of this fabric type from others is that the figures and patterns are woven into the fabric and not printed on it.

Jacquard fabric is derived from the jacquard material which is created through the use of the tool called jacquard loom. This mechanical loom is a century-old invention by Joseph Marie Jacquard way back 1801. His invention is a breakthrough in the textile manufacturing industry. It is used to produce fabrics with much complex patterns such as the ones you see on damask, matelasse and brocade materials.

The varieties of jacquard fabric are created through the loom which is controlled using the punched cards. These cards have punched holes with rows that correspond to a row of certain designs. Weaving fabrics using jacquard loom is labor-intensive and making warps or fabrics could even take days to finish. In previous years, series of punch cards are utilized for automated weaving processes. Modern weaving techniques are done using computer controls. Since, it is energy and time consuming, no wonder this type of fabric is likewise expensive and sophisticated in terms of cost.

You could find a wide selection of jacquard fabric and weaves depending on the fibers used for its construction. The fabric materials used also determines the drape ability and durability of the product. Nowadays, you have hundreds of options to choose from to suit your preferences and budget. There are also myriads of designs, styles and colors if you browse the internet and look for websites with databases and galleries of fabrics.

Here are some of the collections of jacquard fabric that could suit your house theme and palette. You could make draperies and curtains, slip covers, duvets and so much more for an elite accessory at home and other venues you wish to accentuate.

Marcovaldo Bailey Jacquard Fabric

This collection is made of fabric combinations with 61% rayon and 39% polyester materials. The woven tapestry fabrics are medium or heavy weight depending on your choice with its versatile and complex features. This type of fabric is best used for window treatments such as draperies, valances and swags, duvet covers and pillow shams. It is a great home feature that adds freshness to your surrounding and revitalizes old furniture pieces.

Chateau Satin Jacquard Collection

This jacquard fabric is made from 100% pure polyester materials with a wide assortment of designs, colors and patterns to choose from. The beautiful fabrics are versatile and sophisticated perfect for modern window treatments. You could tailor valances, swags and draperies as well as slip covers, duvet covers, pillows and upholstery.

Jacquard fabric is a classic home feature which makes a long-term investment especially for your home. It has the versatility to be tailored to accent home venues and furniture pieces with its highly sophisticated patterns and designs.

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