What is iXtreme LT?

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What is iXtreme LT?
iXtreme LT or iXtreme Lite Touch is a software that allows users and/or owners of Microsoft’s XBox 360 to “flash” their DVD drives. Flashing is a term used in the gaming and tech world to refer to some form of alteration done to the DVD drives in order for them to play “backup” or “bootleg” copies of XBox 360 games. As with most gaming consoles, the XBox 360 has built-in software to detect un-licensed or un-authorized copies of their games. This is an effort to stop people from using pirated software in using their gaming consoles. Another level of software authenticity-detection is through regular updates that need to be done for some files on the console’s disk.

It is common nowadays that people just copy and burn their own DVD copies of games like those for the XBox 360. Most of these copying and burning is illegal and Microsoft has created a way to detect this unauthorized use of DVD backups or bootleg copies. And to get around this concern, some people created software that will help gamers burn an XBox 360 DVD that has the chance of not being detected as illegal by the gaming console. Through a method called “stealth patching”, iXTREME LT burns a copy of a particular XBox 360 game and makes it appear like a legitimate retail copy. This method is considered not perfect and may result in the banning of the gaming console from XBox live. But this has not deterred some users to take the risk and use backup DVD games.

But flashing someone’s DVD drive on the XBox console requires some tampering on the console itself. This means letting go of the XBox warranty. Some DVD drives are also considered more difficult to “flash” as the XBox package may contain at least four different DVD drives. But then again, this hasn’t stopped some people to continue developing iXTREME LT and other means to play bootleg copies of XBox 360 games.

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