What is Ivy League?

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What is Ivy League?

Ivy League refers to a sports league that was formed back in 1954 and composed of 8 different teams representing prestigious colleges and universities in the North-eastern part of the US. An athletics meet was organized back in 1954 and this meet was referred to as the Ivy League. Schools who participated are Brown University of Rhode Island, Columbia and Cornell Universities which are based in New York, Dartmouth college of New Hampshire, Harvard University in Massachusetts, Princeton University in New Jersey, University of Pennsylvania with main campus in Philadelphia, and Yale University of Connecticut.

From its humble beginnings as a sporting league, the term “Ivy League” has evolved to mean academic excellence from all the 8 participating schools. Each of the 8 schools were considered quality private schools and so the term Ivy League has later become an academic badge for the 8 schools involved. Students of these so-called Ivy League schools were said to receive high quality education with some degree of exclusivity. Ivy League schools have become known to be very selective and stringent in their admission rules and guidelines. Being part of Ivy League schools is considered some kind of social elitism. All 8 schools that are part of the Ivy League are consistently among America’s Top schools on a yearly basis.

With the reputation of providing or honing academic excellence, getting into the 8 Ivy League schools is very much sought after by many high school graduates across America. The 8 Ivy League schools are also considered among the best schools not only the US but around the world. Such is the prestige of these schools that many high school graduates from the US and from other parts of the world. Many of these Ivy League schools are also considered as big schools in terms of admissions and student population. For any given year, enrolments may range from about 6000 students to as much as 20,000 students.

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