What is IVR technology?

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What is IVR technology?

IVR or Interactive Voice Response technology is a breakthrough in making computers more interactive. With IVR technology, users will be able to direct a particular computer database using a voice command or through a phone keypad and similar devices. This technology covers automation of telephony and serves as another means of connecting with customers who may have concerns and queries.

IVR technology is commonly used in industries that involve customer servicing like those in the telecommunications industry. Through IVR, a particular customer can interact with the company’s database, products, and services through the use of his/her voice or a few commands on a phone keypad. This type of customer servicing is very much beneficial to industries that have a very large volume of callers that need servicing and support. By means of IVR, these customers need not speak with an actual person but may still be serviced through pre-loaded solution menus and pre-recorded messages. It is also typical in IVR applications that the services of a particular company is broken down into individual and specific units to be addressed properly. With IVR technology, basic customer needs will be addressed immediately.

Aside from telecommunications companies and other organizations that receive a large number of calls from customers, IVR technology is also implemented in the automobile industry. With voice recognition at its core, no necessary hand or manual input is required from the drivers to manipulate certain controls and features of a particular car. For safety concerns, many car features and accessories may take advantage of IVR technology for a truly hands-free experience. The technology may be implemented on the car’s audio and mobile device systems, satellite navigation features, and other electronic gadgets.

Other industries that use IVR technology include the banking and BPO or business process outsourcing sector. In these industries, customer call volume is large and so some customer queries and concerns may be directed to a specialized voice recognition-based servicing facility.

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