What is Ivory Color?

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What is Ivory Color?
Ivory color gets its name from the tusks of animals especially the tusks of elephant. It is not pure white but contains hints of light brown. It represents the purity of white with a tint of yellow, cream or peach.

Ivory is very common shade in gems. The tusks of elephants are priced very high and have been used for a long time in jewelry. The shades of ivory like pearl and opal are also very common in gems.

The difference between white and ivory can be very well noticed in weddings. Most women prefer the white colored wedding gowns because of its pure and elegant appearance. But the recent trend is of ivory colored gowns. The ivory color very well suits pale complexioned skin. Also the warmth of ivory color appeals to most women. All the embroidery and designs are well displayed in an ivory shaded gown than in white colored one. There are however a lot of ivory shades available. Some of them are dark called ‘dark ivory’ and are very different from white shade. So make sure you try on the shade or check a sample of the ivory shaded cloth before you order your wedding dress.

Ivory shade can be used with various other colors. It goes well with pale grassy green, light browns and light peach, as it provides an earthy feel to the natural colors. It can also be used to brighten and lighten other natural dark and medium colors.

Ivory shade generally provides a calming effect. Sculptures are generally carved in ivory color. The word ivory is also used to describe shades of many birds like Ivory-billed woodpecker.

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