What is IVE?

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What is IVE?
IVE stands for Instant Virtual Extranet and it is a platform used by Juniper Network’s SSL VPN products offered for small companies and large enterprises. The IVE platform uses SSL or Secure Sockets Layer technology which is the standard protocol used by internet browsers for its security features.

Through SSL technology, data is encrypted using symmetric cryptography for security and data authentication. SSL also provides several other benefits like a possible decrease in maintenance and support costs as this technology takes away the need to deploy software to each client computer. SSL also makes it possible not to edit configurations in a particular company’s internal server.

Juniper’s SSL VPN – IVE OS 6.2 version for example has auto-remediation features that enable employees to remediate devices that do not adhere to certain policies and standards which in turn results to a decrease in support calls for various users of these non-compliant parts. This particular feature includes auto-remediation of firewall settings, launching and/or downloading of the anti-virus scan system, and even registry settings modification. The IVE OS 6.2 version also has an improved bandwidth management feature that controls the flow of data traffic within the company’s network.

Overall, Juniper’s SSL VPN Secure Access line provides the best features in terms of versatility and security. The system allows for a single platform for both the employee and partner remote access. The system appliances involved are also very scalable and should meet the extranet needs and preferences of various companies whether they are small in size or are large enterprises. And since this product uses VPN technology, access to various applications and resources can be done “clientless”. The product’s versatility and security features made Juniper the market leader in SSL VPN SA appliances. Users prefer this product for the simple yet best reason of its flexibility to work and integrate with existing platforms and various software applications. Others also rate this product highly because of its end-user transparency and easy setup and usage.

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