What is IUI?

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What is IUI?
IUI stands for Intra Uterine Insemination, an process that helps couples with fertility problems conceive. IUI is an outpatient procedure wherein healthy washed sperm (sperm removed from other components of the seminal fluid) from the father (which can be freshly ejaculated or thawed from being frozen), is introduced to the female uterus upon the release of an egg. The process is done artificially, meaning the couple is not achieving conception through sexual intercourse but rather with the help of medical technology. The process is usually done within the span of under 30 minutes.

The process is usually recommended for women who are under 30 years of age, and men who have total motile spermatozoa of at least 5 million per ml. Commonly, couples who undergo IUI are who have one of the following problems: mild male factor infertility or men who have below average sperm concentration; cervical factor infertility or women who have thicker than usual cervical fluids; women with semen allergy, a rare case wherein a woman is allergic to certain proteins found in their partner’s ejaculate.

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