What is ITW file extension?

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TW file extensions refer to configuration files for the InstallShield Tuner of IBM’s Lotus Notes. This file is typically used by computer administrators in customizing specific platform details under the Windows environment. Through files that have the .itw file extension, users with administrator rights will be able to generate the much-needed transform file to create Windows system customizations and installations.

From the original name of Lotus notes, current versions are now referred to as IBM notes. IBM notes represent the client aspect of the IBM software platform and it works hand in hand with IBM or Lotus Domino which is the server component. Being the client part of the client-server platform, IBM notes are very useful in terms of giving functionality to various processes and applications like email service, calendar and contact listings, and user directories. It is also through IBM or Lotus notes that users are able to share files, discuss concerns in online forums and messaging blogs. Lotus notes’ partnership with Lotus Domino basically completes the seamless integration and communication of the client-server software relationship.

For users who encounter concerns or errors on Lotus notes including those that point to the ITW files or configuration files, many need not worry because these files are classified as administrator files. This simply means that files with .itw extensions only affect computer administrators especially those that constantly generate transform data in implementing Windows installations and customizations. If in case the ITW file is missing, computer administrators may also try out other programs to generate the transform file needed for Windows customizations. In this particular case, Lotus notes will work just fine even without the original file with .itw extension. This feature makes it very convenient for end users and computer administrators in terms of the Lotus Notes ITW or configuration file. Handling this particular file is very simple and easy and there are various other ways to handle file concerns to make the IBM client-server software platform running smoothly and efficiently.

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