What is iTunes Ping?

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What is iTunes Ping?
iTunes Ping is Apple’s version of social networking which is integrated with their music applications service, iTunes. This new feature of iTunes was released to the public in September 2010 along with other Apple products like the new Apple TV and new iPod version. iTunes Ping is targeting the social networking side of music. This means that users will be able to connect with friends and favorite music artists and see what these people’s “music activities” are. These musically-related activities may include music downloads, music that artists and friends are listening to, and music stuff that people talk about. So, iTunes Ping basically has similar features with popular social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. The big difference is that emphasis is put on the music information and music-related posts and/or downloads.

With iTunes Ping, users can post comments for a particular music file or video. Users may also “follow” favorite music artists and check out what these artists are downloading and/or listening to. One can also read posts and shoutouts of friends and followed artists. New music may also be discovered by users using iTunes Ping, especially those that are friend favorites. Through friends, one user can check out newly downloaded songs or songs that are frequently played. In this way, discovery of your friend’s music tastes is easier and access to new tracks and music genres will be easier.

But as with many new products, iTunes Ping also has its share of problems and concerns. As soon as this Apple product came out in late 2010, the Ping service was flooded with fake artist accounts which annoyed some users. Overall though, many users are still using and are satisfied with this particular iTunes service, especially that it works not only on the computer but also on the iPad, iPod, and the iPhone.

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