What is ITM agent?

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What is ITM agent?

‘ITM agent’ is short for ‘IBM Tivoli Monitoring agent,’ and it refers to a system and business solution that enables companies and large enterprises to literally monitor various activities in a particular network.  These activities may include the health of the company server along with how various applications are used and maintained in a particular computer network.  Through the ITM agent, network administrators will have less hassles because the system is able to provide monitoring data which is essential in terms of network and system health and maintenance.

One great feature of the IBM Tripoli Monitoring agent is that it allows for data gathering and resource pooling even from non-standard parts of the network like company-specific applications, devices, and even UPS systems.  Through the ITM agent, all devices that are connected to a particular network can easily be monitored in terms of their health, efficiency, and other maintenance concerns.  With reliable information from the monitoring agent, business solutions may be created and/or implemented in such a way that all parts of the network are properly maintained so as not to compromise business goals and ideals.

With the so-called agents of the ITM system, in-house or company-specific systems and applications may be part of the monitoring system.  This is to ensure that efficiency will not suffer as the ITM agent will provide monitoring reports of every part of a particular network including those that are typically not supported by the IBM Tivoli Monitoring.  Through the ITM agents, enterprises will also have easy access to archives or historical information regarding various parts of the network including performance of particular applications and the health status of power supplies and UPS systems.  ITM agents are also essential as they can help companies decide swiftly especially when there’s a need to address internal infrastructure issues.  In the case, for example, of network-hard status data, companies may be able to avoid system delays and possible downtime if resources are maximized through the capabilities of the ITM agent.

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