What is Italy like?

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What is Italy like?
Italy is a country located in the southern and central part of Europe. Much of the land area on the south of this country lies on a peninsula extending to the Mediterranean Sea. The northern region is bordered by France, Austria, Switzerland, and Slovenia. It is also composed of islands with the two biggest named Sardinia and Sicily.

Italy’s northern region is more populated than the southern regions. About half of the country’s population resides in the big cities up north. Much of the total population is also classified as urban with around two-thirds of it living in cities and big towns. Its biggest city is Milan with more than 7 million residents. Other big cities include Rome, Naples, and Turin.

Since much of Italians live in urban areas, many families have apartments in buildings rather than homes. Single-family homes can mostly be found in suburban neighborhoods and in the southern regions where there is less people. Much of commerce and industry is conducted in the northern part of Italy, which is closer to other European countries.

When it comes to families, Italians are known to have close-knit relationships. Many children remain in the homes or apartments of their parents even if they have already reached adulthood. This is especially true for children who are unmarried yet. It is also common for Italian families to have grandparents living in the same house or compound.

When people are also asked about Italy, many associate it with food. Italians are known to have a passion for cooking and this has led to many “Italian food” become very popular in many other countries in the world. Pizza and pasta are two of the well-loved Italian dishes and one could find a variety of textures and flavors all throughout the country. In terms of pasta, the North is famous for putting cream sauces, while tomato-based sauces are famous in the South.

Besides urban living and food, Italy is also known as a predominantly Roman Catholic society. In fact, the Vatican City which is the center of the Roman Catholic Church is located in the heart of the Italian city, Rome.

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