What is IT?

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IT is an acronym for Information Technology. Information technology refers to stuff related to computer technology that includes software, hardware, networking, internet and persons that interact with technological devices. It is an engineering branch that specializes in computer and telecommunication technologies to translate, transmit and store varied forms of information. Most organizations have IT sections that help with management of computers, internet, networks and other business areas that utilize technology. Persons who have studied IT courses are often employed as computer programmers, network administrators, computer engineers, web developers, technicians among others. Even on the shaky job market and economy, few careers can match IT as a field. IT has become a central part of society as we are living in the information age. Like other jobs, information technology involves utilization of information as a resource or commodity. Usually, this information is disseminated, translated, transmitted and stored in audio, text, video, and numeric formats. Computers and microelectronics are then used to process the information.

Importance of IT

IT provides numerous benefits for users. It allows people, organizations and society at large to become more efficient and productive. IT enables for fast communication and proper storage, protection and retrieval of information. Faster communication enables businesses to make better decisions and makes it easy for them to expand to new regions. By using electronic based communication features such as emails and chats, information is disseminated fast and in an efficient manner. IT also makes it possible to streamline systems to enable for efficient work flow, storage and sharing of work spaces. Through creation of electronic systems, organizations are able to store and protect important information. Generation of automated processes using IT helps people achieve more within a shorter period. IT improves the efficiency in an organization by automating functions that remove burden from staff so they are free to attend to other things. Automated processes can help in creating queries, generating reports, monitoring finances and tracking projects.

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