What is ISSCH.exe?

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What is ISSCH.exe?
ISSCH.exe refers to the “service scheduler” function of the InstallShield utility. It basically functions to update several programs that are previously installed on a person’s computer. Usually what happens is that the ISSCH.exe is activated to perform an automatic search for updates to a program that is recently in use. Programs or applications that activate the process of ISSCH.exe are part of the InstallShield utility or those of the MacroVision program group. When this particular file runs, it will also cause other executable files and DLLs to run for a specific application to work properly.

The ISSCH.exe is considered a non-essential file when talking about making the computer run smoothly and efficiently. It is also not part of the important system files for the Windows operating system. And since it automatically calls out several files to update certain software that is running, it may take up some of the CPU’s processing power. Other people may also get annoyed of several update advises or pop-ups that may occur while ISSCH.exe is running. Though this particular file is considered non-CPU-intensive, it may still cause some decrease in the computer’s performance, especially if one is using other important and CPU-intensive applications. This file is considered safe though by most experts and advice is given that users may just let this file run in the background when the computer is running smoothly and efficiently.

But for people who wish to terminate the ISSCH.exe process, he may do so by trying to stop it from the Task Manager window. By choosing the “End Task” option, this process could be stopped. People can also choose to have the ISSCH.exe file “not run” on computer startup. This is done by accessing “MSCONFIG” and through this facility one can choose which programs to allow to run upon startup. If one desires not to run the ISSCH.exe, then he/she just needs to remove the tick mark for this file. For permanent results, the whole InstallShield utility may also be removed and uninstalled from the computer.

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