What is ISS?

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ISS stands for the international space station which is the biggest space station or object that has gone into space. People may see the ISS even without any gadgets from the earth.

The ISS is made up of external trusses, solar arrays, pressurized modules and other items and it was first launched in 1998.

This space craft is the ninth one that has crews inhabiting on it. The first space stations that had crews living inside them were Skylab from the US, and Russian-owned Salyut, Mir and Almaz stations.

More information about ISS

The ISS is a research laboratory in space given that the crew of this space station can do their experiments in various topics inside the space station. Experiments of the crew members deal with physics, human biology, biology, meteorology, astronomy as well as other related fields.

The ISS can also test spacecraft systems and other equipments that can be used for the missions of aeronauts to the Mars and the Moon.

The ISS also undergoes maintenance and servicing provided by spacecrafts that visit the outer space including the H-II Transfer Vehicle, Dragon, Cygnus, the Automated Transfer Vehicle and the Soyuz, Progress.

The ISS has been visited by a number of astronauts coming from different countries.

The ISS is a combined effort of five different space agencies namely CSA, NASA, JAXA, ESA and Roscosmos.

The ownership of the said aircraft is indicated in the intergovernmental agreements and treaties.

The ISS has two sections, one owned by the Russians which is the Russian Orbital Segment (ROS), and the other one is the United States Orbital Segment (USOS) which is owned by different countries.

The ISS has to maintain a constant orbit that has an altitude ranging from 330 kilometers to 435 kilometers. In a day, the ISIS can complete 15.51 orbits.

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