What is ISO file?

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ISO file refers to a common way of packaging several files and folders into a single file. The ISO file extension is normally used for creating images of a DVD or a CD. It is more convenient to download and store a single file like this, especially if there are a lot of files needed.

Although it is a common file extension, there are some computer users who encounter difficulties with this file type primarily because Windows XP and other versions of Windows do not recognize it. With this, a person might not be able to open the file unless a third-party software made to manage files with the ISO extension is installed in the computer.

There are many ways by which an ISO file can be used. One way is by burning the ISO file into a DVD or a CD with the use of a process that extracts the individual files into the physical media. Windows 7 has a built-in feature called the Windows Disc Image Burner, which can be used for this purpose. All that the user needs to do is to insert a blank DVD or CD into the computer’s optical drive and double-click on the chosen files. Once the burning process is complete, the user can already use the folders and files the normal way. There are also other types of third-party software which can burn ISO files to disc. If any of these softwares open when the ISO files are double-clicked, the user is supposed to select the command which lets the user burn the disc image.

Aside from burning ISO files to a physical DVD or CD, another way to use this file type is by mounting it to a disc emulator. There are several disc emulation programs which can read the contents of ISO files without requiring them to be burnt in a disc or without unpacking them. Lastly, an application called 7-zip can also be used to extract the individual files and folders of an ISO extension, and store them on a USB or hard drive.

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