What is Islam Religion?

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What is Islam Religion?
Islam is the name of the religion practiced by Muslims around the globe. It is based on the Qu’ran, which serves as their main book when it comes to Islamic teachings. The Qu’ran represents the actual word of God for Islamic followers and it is through this book that Muslims are educated on the basics of worship and living.

It is through the prophet named Muhammad that the Qu’ran was written and taught to Muslims all over the world. Muhammad is considered the last prophet of God. Islam also believes that there is only one God and it is promoted to believers that it is the only religion that was revealed to man by God through many prophets which included Moses, Abraham, and even Jesus. With the Qu’ran, Muslims all over the world believe that teachings of other prophets were corrupted and changed over time. For them, only the Qu’ran provides the most authentic and unaltered word of God.

It was in the 6th century when the prophet Muhammad founded Islam as the religion for Muslims. Included in this holy book by the Muslims are Islam’s five pillars which represent basic acts of faith for all believers. Some groups of Muslims consider these five pillars as obligatory. The first pillar is called “Shahada” and this involves the profession of their monotheistic faith and the acceptance of Muhammad as God’s prophet and messenger. The second pillar is called “Salat” which means the Islamic way of worship. This pillar involves daily prayers performed five times a day. The third pillar is called “Sawm” which refers to fasting which is done for repentance from sin. The fourth pillar is “Zakat” which encourages Muslims to give alms or do charitable works especially those who are capable of doing so. The last pillar is the “Hajj” which refers to the Muslim pilgrimage in the holy city of Mecca in Saudi Arabia.

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