What is ISCSI?

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iSCSI stands for Internet Small Computer System Interface. This refers to a popular type of Storage Area Network protocol because it is simple to manage and due to its integration based on IP or Internet Protocol. Internet Small Computer System Interface can provide the different benefits of block-based storage that has TCP/IP compatibility.

iSCSI is also popular because it can solve several issues such as those related to standardization, bandwidth, and distance at a cost that is much lower. The Internet Small Computer System Interface protocol can map SCSI command over a TCP/IP type of network and makes use of Gigabit Ethernet network parts that are inexpensive, in order to send data over the Internet Protocol network. With this, iSCSI can provide IT professionals with a better alternative to Fibre Channel Storage Area Network, or other solutions. By using this alternative, aspects such as familiarity, low cost, and bandwidth are combined with the quickness and efficiency of the performance of block-based data transfer by a Storage Area Network.

Since the iSCSI is supported by hardware and software companies such as IBM, Intel, Microsoft, and Cisco, it can bring SAN technology to a whole new level. By making use of iSCSI, organizations will have the choice to leverage their existing investments in terms of network infrastructure and at the same time, experience the benefits of using an IP based network storage.

Other benefits that iSCSI can bring include an improvement in terms of storage manageability and utilization, decrease in costs because it makes use of low cost Ethernet equipment, and savings because it doesn’t require the training of IT professionals. Since it utilizes TCP/IP technology that is very common, iSCSI doesn’t require an expert to install, configure, and manage the network. Overall, this type of Storage Area Network can be considered as a simplified network storage solution.

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