What is IQY?

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IQY refers to text files with have the IQY extension. They are web query files created by Microsoft Excel to get information directly from the web and display it on the Excel worksheet. IQY files are commonly saved under the subfolder under the main Microsoft Office folder in which Microsoft Excel is a part of. IQY is also a shortened name for Internet Query.

In order for an IQY file to perform its function and retrieve information from a specific website or internet address, all basic parameters must be set. Using a simple text file editor like Notepad for example, one may create files with the IQY extension. One basic parameter included in an IQY file as is the URL or website address. This parameter basically indicates the site location wherein the IQY file will
communicate with in order to retrieve important information that is to be displayed on the Microsoft Excel worksheet. Other parameters included in the IQY file are the query type and query version type. These parameters are typically written at the start of the simple text file syntax. All in all, a simple internet query file may contain only four lines of text. Closing the IQY are the Web document and POST or GET parameters which are written on the third and fourth lines respectively. The GET command basically fetches from the web address indicated on the query file. Data values for the GET syntax are typically included in the URL or website address string. The POST command meanwhile is used when one needs to get information from the web and post the same onto the worksheet.

If a person wants to view existing IQY files, he/she may do so by browsing through the Queries folder under Microsoft Office. This subfolder is usually located or defaulted to Drive C under Program Files. Creating IQY files is also simple using basic parameters and a basic text editor.

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