What is IQ?

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What is IQ?
IQ or intelligence quotient refers to a numeric score that corresponds to a persons supposed level of intelligence based on several standardized tests. The first standardized tests that measures IQ is attributed to Alfred Binet of France back in 1905. His purpose of creating the test back then was to evaluate French children and check which ones are not at par with his/her age level. With his study and student evaluations, Binet found out that as children grew older, they were able to understand more complicated subjects. And with these findings, he discovered that children of the same age may not necessarily have the same abilities.

Binet’s original test still form basis to standard IQ tests of today. Included in IQ tests are sections for language comprehension and ability, logical ability, mathematical ability, and spatial reasoning. Scores for each section are then added up to come up with the total IQ score.

Although IQ scores only measure specific mental abilities, they are widely used by many institutions to determine the level of intelligence of the people. In some schools, student applicants are required to take standard IQ tests before admission. And once a student graduates, he/she will again undergo several IQ testing to be hired for a particular job. The medical field also uses IQ tests for those who are considered mentally impaired. Scores determined for this purpose will help medical personnel in determining the level of capabilities and understanding of a particular mental patient. In this way, specific needs of specific patients will be addressed efficiently.

Although IQ tests are considered “standard”, not all people approve of its administration in school and/or job acceptance. Since IQ scores do not account a person’s emotional intelligence, experience, and attitude, many suggest that IQ scores should not be the only determining factor in selecting students for admission to a certain school or hiring employees for a specific position.

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