What is iPod Disk Mode?

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What is iPod Disk Mode?
iPoD Disk Mode is an option given to iPoD owners and users to use their music and/or media player as a storage device. This means that the iPod can serve as an external hard drive or flash disk for storing and transferring files other than music or media files. Other than the iPod classic, this option is also available in iPod shuffles, iPod minis, and iPod nanos. And since iPods automatically connect to the iTunes installed on computers when connected, iTunes versions 7 and 8 are also affected by this feature.

When the iPod Disk Mode is enabled, users will not be able to see the new song files automatically added by iTunes to the iPoD. Normally, what happens is that when and iPod is connected to a particular computer, the iTunes program installed on that computer will automatically “sync” and copy songs from its main media library to the user’s iPod. This same process still works on Disk Mode but more of “in the background”. Meaning, users won’t be able to find the newly added song files using Finder or My Computer. And in the same synchronization process, users won’t also be able to transfer music and media files from the iPod to the iTunes main media library. This is because the music synchronization only allows for file transfer from the iTunes media library to the iPod and not the other way around. However, if another computer is used, users will be able to transfer music from his/her iPod to the new computer.

But for those using Windows-based computers, it is important to note that the FAT32 file system will only be able to accommodate files up to 4 GB only. So even if the iPoD has much more disk space than 4 GB, users will still not be able to transfer files bigger than 4 GB.

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