What is IPL Treatment?

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What is IPL Treatment?
IPL or Intense Pulsed Light treatment is a technique for removing unwanted hair in the body. The technique involves the use of light at high intensities but at very short periods of time. IPL treatments typically involve flash lamps with electric capacitors that provide the energy from light. It is an alternative to laser treatments that are also used for hair removal purposes. But IPL treatments can be administered much faster than laser techniques because the flash lamps are able to treat a much larger area. This means that treatment time will be shorter. And when treatment time is shorter, it usually results to a cheaper cost. Because of these reasons, IPL treatment has become a widely popular alternative to laser treatments.

IPL treatment is said to work best at the time when the hair is at its active growth phase. But since not all hair to be treated is in the same phase at any given time, IPL treatments involve schedules that are spread out over a several weeks. Those that administer this procedure also take into consideration that hair growth may vary from one person to another. Because of these variances, most IPL treatments are tailor-suited and specifically designed for the individual patient. For most people, six to eight sessions is enough to have permanent hair removed from a particular area. But when it comes to facial hair, it may take at least 10 to 12 weeks of IPL treatment before the benefit is experienced. For some people, it may even take more than 12 IPL treatment sessions to permanently remove unwanted facial hair.

But aside from permanent hair removal, IPL treatment is also used for other purposes. For skin that is damaged by the sun and those that have pigmentation problems may also benefit from IPL treatment. Other conditions that may be treated by this technique include acne rosacea, birth marks that are pigmented and broken capillaries among others.

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