What is iPhone Jailbreak?

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What is iPhone Jailbreak?

iPhone jailbreak is the term used for hacking an Apple iPhone in order to free it for use of third party applications. It is essentially freeing the phone up of Apple restrictions in order to be able to install more applications on the phone, applications which have not been authorized by Apple for installation for one reason or another.
Some reasons why users may choose to jailbreak an iPhone are the following: unlocking iPhone, changing the phone’s look and feel, enhanced video capture, and use of applications from unauthorized developers.
iPhone Jailbreak is usually confused by newbies with the term iPhone unlock. The two terms are very different. iPhone Jailbreak, first and foremost, must be done before an iPhone can be unlocked. An iPhone is unlocked so that it can be used with any mobile phone carrier.
Jailbreaking an iPhone is a matter of personal preference, and some people would rather live with iPhone restrictions rather than risk their phones. For one, of course Apple knows what it’s doing, and restricting certain functions has its reasons. Two, iPhone jailbreak could potentially increase the risk of getting viruses on your phone. And lastly, jailbreaking an iPhone voids any warranty that may have come along with its purchase.

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