What is IPERMS?

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What is IPERMS?

‘IPERMS’ stands for ‘Interactive Personnel Electronic Records Management System,’ and it refers to the record management system used by the U.S. Army. This particular records management system is Web-based, and this simply means that authorized persons may have access to the site however remote his/her location is.  The basic objective of IPERMS is to have an electronic and Web-based consolidation of personnel records from all Army divisions including all soldiers that are classified in Active Duty, those serving as National Guards, and those acting as Army Reserves.  With IPERMS in place, services to all soldiers will be provided in a more efficient manner especially by all departments and units involved including Human Resources.

IPERMS provides for an accessible platform to authorized Army staff or officers when talking about personnel files and documents.  The system is Web-based to grant remote access to a specific file or information.  It is also through this system that personnel files are stored and safeguarded so only authorized people will have access to them.  This means that IPERMS is secure, and all information and details about any Army personnel are protected and will remain private.  The system also employs a tracking system in which trails of document importing, exporting, and retrieval will be recorded.  Any activity regarding a particular file will be saved in the system to ensure that no single user will be able to make abuses with having access to confidential files.

IPERMS basically made the Army’s records management system more efficient and accessible as it is Web-based and electronic.  With these advancements, the Army’s Human Resources group will be able to provide services more effectively to all concerned divisions.  And since all divisions in the Army will have easy access to the system, any file updates regarding a particular soldier can also be executed immediately.  All these enhancements will then lead to an overall better file management system for the U.S. Army.

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