What is iOffer?

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What is iOffer?
iOffer is an online trading portal that was developed by Steven Nerayoff in 2002. Its headquarters is in San Francisco, USA and claims to have almost 1 million users with 75,000 of them tagged as sellers. This online portal declares itself as something “better” than an auction store with the slogan declaring the site as “a place to buy, sell, and trade”.

iOffer differs from standard online trading stores in the sense that bidding is not the main part of the trading between buyers and sellers. Instead, iOffer likens itself to typical flea markets and garage sales wherein trading involves negotiations between the seller and a potential buyer. When a certain price is agreed upon a particular item by both parties then the sale is considered “closed”. This concept is what sets apart iOffer from other online trading services. The concept of negotiating directly with the seller is what appeals to many people who are finding to buy some stuff online. And since this online portal is already popular, a huge variety of items can be found on the site. From simple clothes, shoes, and accessories, users can also find electronic gadgets, beauty products, sporting goods, and even collectible items like old coins, dolls, toys, and antiques. One can even buy a house using the iOffer online portal.

Another thing that makes iOffer popular is that item listings on the site are offered for free. Virtually anyone can join the online community and post almost anything for sale. The only time iOffer collects fees is when a particular item or product is sold. And since no bidding is necessary, buyers and sellers will just need to communicate with each other and reach to an agreed price for an item. The bad thing about iOffer is that it offers no protection to either buyer or seller in terms of fraudulent transactions.

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