What is Internet?

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What is Internet?
Technically, Internet is a universal system of computer networks that are interconnected to serve millions or even billions of people around the world. It is like grasping the whole globe with your hands. Internet connects people from all corners of the earth. However, before you dig in to what Internet is all about and what benefits it can give to its users, it is better to know first how it began.

Tracing back the origin of the Internet will bring you to the year 1960. The United States federal government works in partnership with private sectors that has commercial interests. The intention is to put together strong, fault-tolerant and dispersed networks of computers. However, the Internet is conceptualized not for the personal use of the public. In fact, the United States Defense Department experimented on it for the purpose of inter-government facility for a secured exchange of information.

In the 1980s, the Internet has grown due to the National Science Foundation funding the United States backbone. Later, private organizations began funding for backbones that are intended for commercial use. This led the interconnection of various networks and the worldwide users began to participate in developing the new technology. Joining of many networks continues and in the 1990s, The Internet’s popularity began to take the globe by storm. Since then, the Internet has been a part of the modern human life.

Experts believe that the growth of the internet was due to the invention of software known as the browser. The browser made the use of the Internet easy that anyone can learn in a breeze. The browser made the exchange of files such as video, music and images as easy as clicking your mouse. The invention of the browser was made possible by another invention known as the hypertext. It is a language used in creating web pages displayed by the browser. With the use of hypertext working inside the browser, people from all ages felt comfortable in surfing the now known as the World Wide Web.

The Internet has brought many benefits not just to its daily users but even to others who do not use it. The Internet is now part of everyone’s life whether you like it or not. The Internet made communication faster. In fact, communication was considered the biggest benefit of the invention of the Internet. A message sent via the Internet can reach its intended recipient in split seconds. That is how fast the Internet is.

Due to the Internet’s ability to transmit messages and information quickly, newsgroups, newspapers, publishers, television and news networks etc. have all took advantage of it. Electronic mail or the one popularly known as e-mail has also made a breakthrough in the use of the Internet. Today, instead of using the old snail mail, people utilize the advantage of the fast and cheaper e-mail services. Moreover, the invention of instant messenger had even attracted more Internet users as it makes conversation more fun and interactive. The Internet is believed to improve further as technology progresses. In the future, the Internet will continue to grow and more innovations are still to come.

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