What is Insha Allah?

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What is Insha Allah?
Insha Allah is a generally Islamic expression used by Muslims which means ‘God willing’. While other religions from Arabic countries also use the expression, it is more closely tied to Islam because of the use of Allah, the term for God used by Muslims.

The term insha’Allah is used when speaking about something that is being planned, or will occur in the future. This is based on the belief that everything that happens is dependent on God’s will. Saying insha’Allah is asking for God’s blessing, asking him to go along with what a person has planned, and it can be heard being muttered by Muslims in practically every conversation. For instance, if a person wishes to secure a job he might say ‘I will get accepted on this job insha’Allah’. Concurrently, insha’Allah is also used to mean ‘we’ll see’ or ‘let’s see if it’s God’s will’, which is usually used when a person wants to be non-committal to something. For instance, if a relative asks whether he could borrow some money, the potential lender can then say ‘if I have some money by next week, insha’Alah’, which in a way removes the blame from him if he cannot lend the money.

Christians also use the phrase ‘God willing’ as a means of respecting God’s will. For instance, if a mother wished for her daughter to be married within a year, she might say ‘my daughter will have a husband, God willing, within a year.’

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