What is industrialization?

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Industrialization pertains to the transition of a nation from being a largely agricultural based nation to a manufacturing nation. Industrialization is often an indication of the advancement of a country or state. It is related to urbanization, income growth and improvement of the standard of living of residents or citizens.

Effects of industrialization

Industrialization happens when a jurisdiction shifts away from being an agricultural area to a more industrialized one or manufacturing. This means that the majority of the income of a nation comes from the manufacturing sector rather than the agricultural sector.

Just like any occurrence, industrialization has its pros and cons.

Urbanization is one of the disadvantages of industrialization. Urbanization happens when people move to the city which in turn increases the population in the city. An increased population results in higher pollution levels.

The movement of people from rural to urban communities also results in overcrowding which in turn can cause health problems. Living conditions of urban cities that have seen an increase in its population were poor since the areas were often dirty and unhealthy.

Europe experienced industrialization in the 18th and 19th century, and the region has also experienced problems in child labor as European countries made their shift to manufacturing from an agricultural society.

Workers from Europe in 18th and 19th century experienced the harsh working conditions in factory work. Factory workers had to work long hours inside enclosed structures. The government of countries at that time did not have sufficient laws to protect factory workers.

But there are also some advantages to be gained in becoming a manufacturing dependent society.

Industrialization provides many job opportunities for citizens. Economists, usually, tend to say that workers from the manufacturing sectors are paid higher compared to those who work in the agricultural sector. This results in higher family income and improvement in the quality of life.

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