What is inbound marketing?

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Inbound marketing is a type of marketing strategy that is built on customer research and relationship. It involves a deeper understanding of customers and knowing what they want, how they want it and providing it to them in unconventional ways. Traditional marketing or outbound marketing used to be the only way to reach customers by means of advertisements, promotional signs, and telemarketing among many other techniques. In the age of social media and the internet, traditional marketing has become less effective and relationship management through inbound marketing has become a great tool to earn customers’ trust and approval. With a deeper understanding of customers needs, inbound marketing is done to earn customer approval rather than impose products on them.

Many businesses nowadays rely on the internet to advertise their products. With so much competition online, pushing products and advertising them is something that pushed people to be creative in their ways. This led to the idea of inbound marketing wherein customer research and knowledge is the key to successful product advertising and promotion. Instead of the usual banner ads and loud advertisements, many companies that do inbound marketing do some research first and create relationships with their customers by means of online subscriptions and product blogs for example. Through these venues, customers are able to openly discuss their product preferences and experiences. With this strategy, companies are also able to get data in terms of how to get the products to their consumers and who are the best targets. By letting customers know more about the company and products through blogs and subscriptions, more of them will also use and promote a particular product. In this way, inbound marketing became effective in the sense that consumer trust and attention was gained. Through these inbound marketing methods, companies will be able to strategize which products to promote to which customers and through which channels.

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