What is IMS data?

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IMS data refers to prescription-related data that is sourced from IMS Health.  Founded back in 1954, IMS Health is considered to be the source of the most comprehensive prescription-related data in all of the US.  More than 70% of prescriptions in the US are said to be part of the IMS databases and these include several data including drug details, pharmacy chains, and even the corresponding doctors who made the prescriptions.  With an extensive source of prescription-related information, IMS data is sought after by various sectors in the health and drug industry across the US.

IMS data is considered very valuable for companies that would like to invest in the healthcare and drug industry.  In terms of marketing, companies can take advantage of IMS data in terms of which drugs are being prescribed more often and which are being actually bought at drug stores and pharmacies. With this kind of information, many drug companies can properly align their marketing strategies in order to gain and maintain customers.  Sales and advertising campaigns can be geared toward the right patient population by simply researching on the details provided by IMS data.

In the field of healthcare, IMS data may also be used to explore new drug therapies and select target patient or doctor populations for medical research.  Continuous, comprehensive and related drug use and data provided by IMS makes it easier for various health organizations to gain statistical information regarding drug prescription and related activities.

Although IMS data is considered very comprehensive, patient details are usually not part of the information available for use and research.  Prescription data typically involves most details as the drug name, quantity prescribed, dosage details, quantity bought, prescribing doctor, facility, drug store outlet, and other related information.  Aside from IMS data, IMS health also provides various other services and technology that cater to the health and drug industry across the US.

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