What is impeachment?

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Impeachment refers to the quasi-criminal proceedings of the Senate that is done to take out a government official from its post.

Impeachment is composed of a complicated series of action undertaken by the legislative body in order to remove a public official from office. In an impeachment, the congress acts like a grand jury and then a full-trial takes place. The trial has the Chief Justice or the head of the senate as its presiding officer depending on the laws of the land.

Each nation has its rules and laws about impeachment. Those who can be impeached from office may also include the president and other civil officers like federal judges.

In the United States, the impeachment of the president includes the participation of both the lower and upper houses.

Process of impeachment in the US

In the United States, it is the House Judiciary Committee that starts the ball rolling for the impeachment of the president as it has the role of deliberating if there should be an impeachment inquiry. The committee will then conduct a public hearing, and an article of impeachment will be prepared and approved by the majority of the members of the committee.

It is up to the House of Representatives to deliberate the articles of impeachment which only can be passed if there is a majority of the members of the house that will vote to pass the said articles.

The Judiciary Committee adopts a resolution which seeks the authority from the entire House of Representatives to conduct an inquiry. The House debates and considers the resolution before approving the resolution. Approval requires a majority vote. The senate will then have to conduct a full-blown trial.

Members of the senate will act as jury members, and the Supreme Court Chief Justice will preside over the senate impeachment.

The senate will then vote whether to have the president removed from office or not.

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