What is IMO?

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What is IMO?
IMO stands for “In My Opinion”. It is an internet slang that evolved into a free internet-based chat and instant messaging platform called “imo.im”. This platform enables users to connect with other instant messaging providers like Facebook Chat, Google Talk, AIM, Yahoo Messenger, Jabber, MSN, MySpace, and Skype.

“imo” has a very friendly user interface and let’s members login to up to 4 of their other instant messaging accounts. imo also features a group chat option where one can invite friends from the 4 different IM platforms. So a person’s friends from Google Talk will be able to chat with his/her other friends from Yahoo Messenger for example. This option made imo very popular across different internet messaging platforms, because friends on the other platforms need not sign in to imo to enjoy this service. As long as these friends are logged on to their respective instant messaging service, one can chat with the entire group.

Video chat sessions are also possible with imo. The only requirement to avail this service is for both parties to have webcams installed. There is also no downloading of software required for video chatting and it allows 2 or 3 people to video-chat simultaneously.

With imo, a person can also manage his/her account seamlessly. Favorite friends can be tagged for easier access and aliases may be used for each friend on the list. One can also block people and have invisibility status options to control on which friends can send instant messages and which ones cannot. In the case of chatting with several people, one can preview messages so he/she can decide to switch between conversations or not.

Today, imo also runs on Apple products like the iPhone and iPad, and on phones with the Android platform. Imo also continues to innovate to attain its mission of improving and simplifying online communication. Future plans of imo include targeted advertising system, avatar-like emoticons and virtual chart-ooms, object and face recognition possibilities, and even offline messaging services.

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