What is IMG?

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IMG refers to image files that stores raw data on disks such as those in compact disks and DVDs. The IMG image files will carry the .IMG extension and may be stored onto an optical or magnetic disk using different file systems. A common file storage system for IMG files is called the FAT or File Allocation Table system. With this kind of system, IMG files that contain data may be arranged effectively. IMG files on disks may also be arranged through another file system called NTFS or New Technology file system which is developed by Microsoft Corporation.

The use of IMG files started with the classic floppy disk. Inside the square floppy plastic exterior is actually a disk that can store IMG files. These floppy disks eventually evolved into newer storage devices in the form of compact disks (CDs) and digital video disks (DVDs). These storage devices may be used as storage media for IMG files. IMG files stored in these disks literally contain the image files of the disks. In the case of CDs for example, the IMG files may contain various song tracks. These music files may all have the .IMG extension and need to be played with a compatible player. Aside from the actual song track, the corresponding IMG file may also include some tracking data such as song or file headers. In the case of DVDs or digital video disks, the IMG file content may be video files such as tv shows or movies. DVDs have more storage capacity than compact disks and so can store more IMG files.

The good thing about IMG files is that they represent an image of a particular storage disk. When these files are copied from the physical disk to one’s computer, they can still be used and opened. The actual CD or DVD need not be inserted on the optical drive to access the IMG files inside. If these are stored in one’s computer, the songs and movies may still be opened and played. This flexibility also works for games that are stored on disks in the form of IMG files.

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