What is IMC?

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What is IMC?
IMC means Integrated Marketing Communication. It involves “integration” of all available marketing and communication tools to achieve a common goal. Tools used in areas like public relations, sales promotion, direct and digital marketing, events organization, and other support techniques are all harmonized to increase efficiency.

IMC takes into account the use of various forms of media and technology to target what the customers really need or want. It is not just basic marketing but more of a creativity mix specifically designed for specific markets or customers. Marketing in the past simply involved some form of selling to customers. In today’s competitive business environment, marketing approaches must be centered on the customers themselves.

Communication tools are said to work better if used in harmony rather than being used independent of each other. While different departments of a particular company may have different functions, each must work and cooperate with the others to have consistency in the marketing message. Other departments may also benefit from data sharing or data integration. It is also important that all marketing efforts are cascaded from top level management down to the staff and other personnel. So everybody will know their own purpose and will work in line with the company’s mission.

Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) may mean extra effort for most companies, but it can deliver benefits and great results. Aside from the competitive advantage of streamlined efforts, companies will be able to improve sales and profit figures while maintaining or lowering operations and/or marketing costs. Through IMC also, companies will be able to build better and longer relationships with its customers. IMC will also benefit the company’s employees in terms of workload and stress levels. Since marketing efforts are coordinated with the involved departments, many can inject more creativity to the team and contribute to the overall marketing plan.

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