What is IMAX?

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What is IMAX?
IMAX is a motion picture film format that is capable of displaying images of higher resolution and size than regular film systems. It is owned by the Canadian IMAX Corporation which deals with the leasing and marketing of IMAX films, but is also involved in the development and production of IMAX motion pictures.
IMAX is a very popular product both in the US and abroad, with more than forty countries having at least one IMAX theatre. The sheer size of the screen is intimidating, but the movies fills it up entirely, not like in the regular theatres. It gets even better for those who have an IMAX Dome nearby. The experience of watching a movie in such a Dome is pretty intense, as the spectators sits in the middle of the room and the images are projected around them.
All this is possible thanks to the special IMAX projectors who have some special features compared with their more common counterparts. First of all, because the film frame is so big, it has to move horizontally and the shutters stay open for a longer period. Secondly, IMAX films are 100% committed to use as much of the image area as possible and as a result, these kind of movies don’t have a soundtrack embedded. Instead, a separate magnetic film is synchronized to the film to provide the soundtrack.
The IMAX magic goes even farther with the IMAX 3D which uses two camera lenses, and has the recording done on two separate rolls of film. Polarization and LCD shutter glasses are used in order to create the 3D illusion and they work in a similar way. Special eyeglasses with polarized lenses will allow each eye to see one type of image, while the shutter glasses rely on LCD panels to alternately block the light in one eye.

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